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My role

Full branding & app design


Crescent Hire required a brand identity that reflects the expertise, energy and specialty of the company. It needed one brand for all jurisdictions in which we operate. The Crescent offering can be technically very complex for the customer. The new brand must reflect how Crescent can seamlessly deliver without complication. The concern of some clients is the size and bench strength of the company. The new brand must create an impression of a well resourced and serious player.The new logo must be adaptable for all offline and online communication tools. Consideration should be given in particular to the use of the branding on the new website and app.


Having considered the feedback received post Round 1, I have endeavoured to approach the next stage utilising all of the new information gathered - namely a preference for strong colours, simple shapes and a blend between the more technical and friendly elements. I feel we have achieved a very strong array of options - delivering solutions of varying extremes of each characteristic.

Website design

Next was the redesign of their website to target the market and promote the app. We conducted a roadmapping session to clarify their goals and target audience. I worked with the copywriter to create the campaign and designed a focused landing page UI and core page templates which they could continue to add their content. The site was coded in Duda by the develop team.

App design

In an age where everything is demanding your time, Crescent Hire gives your time back by making machinery rent fast, effortless and calm. Crescent Hire makes sensible decisions for you erring on the side of protection— informing you in ways that are understandable and actionable. The objective of the interface was to keep the app simple and unique. This was accomplished through the use of very clean design, vibrant color and big beautiful photos.

What I learned

This project made clear the importance of the link between design and branding. I also learned that branding and design are, to a large extent, inseparable. I stopped thinking of branding and design as distinct disciplines and started the design be strategic from the outset. I also learned that integrating design early in the process will helps to drive innovation and create solutions.

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