Dating Website Collection

Developing attractive dating sites that helps the public to find their soul mates and personals online.



My role

Visual design and front end development

About Venntro

Venntro Media Group is the company behind the award-winning SaaS platform White Label Dating. Founded in 2003, White Label Dating is a leading SaaS business that empowers media brands and marketeers to power their own fully branded online dating sites.

We power the technology behind thousands of dating sites around the world.

We provide the software, database, hosting, payment processing, chargeback management, customer care, moderation, CRM, reporting, account management, security and much more as part of our White Label Dating managed service to customers. Our customers choose the brand and drive member acquisition. Together we make money on a revenue share basis.

Work Process

Here you’ll find some of the dating websites I have been working while the year of 2017. Covering diverse aspects of a website functionality and appearance I had to concentrate on such aspects as:

  • Usability (the website is convenient, clear, logical and easy to use).
  • Utility (the website provides useful content and solves users’ problems).
  • Accessibility (the website is convenient for different categories of users).
  • Desirability (the website is attractive and problem-solving, it retains users and creates a positive experience which they are ready to repeat).

So, let’s get started!

Some of my work

What I learned

I’ve learned a huge amount during my time at Venntro. I had the oportunity to work deeper on each project, since understanding the dating website users to coding up complex designs, such as Jquery development related. I understood how UX design goes deeper into user research, ethnography, information architecture, experience mapping, and much more. It isn’t just about layout. UX is an umbrella term that covers many specialist roles, most of which should never ever be ignored or underestimated.

More projects

Check out my recent work over at Behance and Dribbble.

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