Geolocation App

An application to work with an IoT device and update its location on the app



My role

Full-Stack Developer

Geolocation App

This was private freelance work. The company requested an application that could interact with their electronic tracking device. The app had to determine the current device location on a map and track where the device had been. The app would use this information to notify the user if the device leaves a predetermined geographical area.

Work Process

I worked with the engineering team to write a code for an IoT device to communicate with a location tracking application. This required knowledge of AWS, Arduino, STM32 boards and React.


What I learned

During the process of working on this project, I learnt the basics of Arduino, STM32 and AWS IoT Device SDK for Embedded C. I also leant how to access device ports from the browser through WebUsb and the different approaches to connect, such as volume of bytes transferred and async functions.

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