Gym Pad

The ultimate app for gym community enables the gym user to save your logs as the same simple way was done on the traditional gym pad.



My Role

UX, wireframe, visual design, prototype, usability testing and motion design.


We noticed the manly fitness apps offer too many functions and it makes the user experiences very complicated for people who are looking for an app that replace them actual printed gym diary.


We did a research including literature research, user survey, and individual interviews. The objective was to gain insights of the viewing habits and figure out design opportunities. By interviewing different users, we learned that keeping the app simple is the best solution. With that in mind, we framed our research to understand what the users don’t like on other apps and what were the main functions they think is enough to them be able to log and track the workout routine. This niche also has mentioned they don’t like to use app to track them exercise because it is very easy to procrastinate on social medias.


We worked together integrated on the service concept, and made sure it aligns with our user’s needs. Our final solution is to enable the user to simply log exercises in few steps and track the workout that has been done before. The app also supply a clock function to time the rest period and another function to block specifics app as social media to don’t give any notification while the user has the Gym app running. It would prevent the user to procrastinate and get focused on the workout.

User Task Flow & Wireframe

Based on previous first-stage research, I first built a diagram to help me understand the structure and the user task flow. On the other hand, user flow diagrams help me visualize the complexity of a task and understand how I can simplify it. Once we finalized the user task flow and had a clear of what we wanted to design, I created wireframes to make the functionality of every section in the application clearer. I then designed the navigation map.

wireframe gym pad


The process to develop the Gym Pad app involved producing smartphone wireframe screen layouts which show the functionality without any design. This allows the usability to be pushed to the forefront before getting interactive with deign. Once the wireframes were approved, I designed the smartphone screens for the App, taking into account Gym Pad’s brand guidelines. Then the app developer did all their techy programming clever stuff to build the app and interface it to the bespoke.

gym pad app gym pad app

What I learned

Working on this project has been a huge contributor to my product design education. During this activity, I have learned new processes and refined my overall comprehension of product design for the digital medium. Moreover, I believe that the use of hypothesis, success metrics, experimentations and fast idea generation are not exclusive of growth design but important principles and techniques that can be applied in any product design methods to create great solutions.

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