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In 2015, I made a career defying switch from Design to Code. It has been a challenge, however, my success showcases my dedication and determination to achieve my goals. My experience as a designer has refined my approach to development, lending me the confidence to make high-level design choices when building web & mobile apps to improve the user experience.

Nice to meet you

My name is Mark Claus Nunes, I am a Brazilian full stack developer, with five years of developer experience and 10 years of design experience. As a result, I build functional and beautiful products. I am currently working as a React Developer at eola.

In my work, I believe that code should centre around user experience. My experience allows me to think creatively to deliver an optimal user journey, whilst meeting business goals.

I moved to England with the purpose of challenging myself both personally and professionally. I am always studying and practically applying what I have learnt.

Clean code creates solid and fast applications

My code is organised and efficient. I enjoy finding simple solutions to complex problems.

My Work Process








UI/UX Design knowledge supports the writing of functional code focused on user experience, which works well and looks great.


To create a polished user experience, I write clean, elegant and efficient code focused on scalability and performance.

Tools I use

#JavaScript #React #Redux #Jest #Firebase #MangoDB #Git #NodeJs #HTML #SASS #BEM

Selected work

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