Potluck Keywords

Save, manage, and share social media keywords.



My role

Founder, Designer and Developer

About PK

Potluck Keywords makes the process of social media keyword management simpler and easier by letting you save, manage, choose and share them.

The idea

I love to share street photography on Instagram and am always using keywords made by accounts that curate urban pictures. There are so many keywords to choose from, it is laborious to manage them all. So I created Potluck Keywords to help.

Work Process

I started by sketching my app idea after I found no existing apps that managed keywords. Some allow users to view the most popular keywords, but none give the option to save and manage them.

I then produced mockups of the app and brand design, then began building the app with ReactJs and Firebase. The product was distributed once it was fully documented, tested and improved with Jest and user feedback.


What I learned

Working on this project on my own provided a personal challenge and allowed me to improve as a developer.

As the project evolved, I came up with more ideas for improvements. I leant to prioritise important code fixes rather than focusing on non-essential features. When I worked on a piece of code, I knew exactly how it merges into the overall picture and I was able to think ahead about composite code structure.

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