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Design and build of fully managed, mobile-friendly websites for business.



My role

Visual design and front end development

About Yell

1966. The year England won the World Cup. And the year the first Yellow Pages was printed, in Brighton. 2016 and Yell is still going strong. Yell’ve made it their mission to help businesses find and connect with customers. As you can imagine, Yell’ve seen (and often led) some big changes in the way businesses market themselves, not least of which is the internet. Today, Yell is still the experts in bringing local buyers and sellers together. Except now Yell is doing it digitally - in fact, Yell is one of the biggest providers of digital marketing services in the UK. Offering a personal service tailored for you and your business.


Yell build brilliantly designed custom websites that are fully responsive across all platforms. Yell works closely with their clients to understand their individual specifications, their market and how they want their brand to be represented online. Their experts help the customers to ensure that their site contains engaging content and is optimised to maximise the return on their marketing.

Work Process

The experience design process ensures that the final product is exciting, detailed, and accomplishes the objectives without sacrifing the speedy delivery. Beyond design stage the designers also practicipate is some stages of the develop, launch and maintence.

Some of my work

What I learned

Yell gave me the oportunity to embark on the journey to become a a designer who also writes code. Designers and coding is a topic that regularly re-surfaces. While some argue that designers shouldn’t code, I find that as a designer, being able to build and test my own interface designs is of value not only to myself but also to my team.

More projects

Check out my recent work over at Behance and Dribbble.

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