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Mark Claus Nunes at work with a colleague


I'm Mark Claus Nunes, a Brazilian full-stack developer. Currently, I work as a Fullstack Developer at That's The One, where I create functional and visually appealing products.

In 2015, I shifted from Design to Code, facing challenges that demonstrate my dedication. My design background enhances my coding, enabling me to make impactful design choices for web & mobile apps, prioritizing user experience.

I strongly believe in centering code on user experience, using my creativity to craft optimal user journeys that align with business objectives.

Moving to England was a personal and professional challenge. I continually study and apply my learnings in practical ways.


Specialization - Cinema and Documentary
Pitagoras, Brazil (2011 - 2013)

Graduation - Visual Arts & Multimedia
Unopar, Brazil (2008 - 2011)


Typescript, React, Next.js, Prisma, Nest, GraphQL, React Query, Multilingual (i18n) and Styled-Component.