User Testing
Design System

eola offers a complete booking and management system for experience providers.

eola's widget


eola is a comprehensive booking and management platform designed for experience providers. It enables businesses to automate their processes, encompassing everything from booking to resource management, thereby substantially boosting their revenue. Its state-of-the-art technology simplifies day-to-day administrative tasks, allowing partners to conserve valuable time that can be directed toward providing exceptional experiences.

Having been launched in 2020, the eola marketplace strives to encourage more individuals to engage in outdoor activities and explore new adventures. This experience-centric marketplace operates using the eola booking system, streamlining the process for customers to discover fresh experiences while ensuring real-time availability and faster booking procedures.

My role

I played a pivotal role in implementing the design system within the application, spearheading the integration and establishing the foundational structure of the widget application developed with Next.js.

My responsibilities encompassed crafting user interface components for both web and mobile applications, leveraging the React ecosystem. This involved active participation across all phases of interface component development, from ideation to rigorous testing.


Typescript, React, Next.js, GraphQL, Apollo, Multilingual (i18n), React Testing Library and EmotionJs.