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Wedding and event planning, simplified in one convenient hub.

Floor plan feature from TTO


That’s The One serves as the singular source of truth for both planners and clients, encompassing vital aspects such as documents, contracts, guest accommodations, and the guest list. Additionally, it manages RSVPs, payment schedules, to-do lists, floorplans, seating arrangements, websites, and electronic cards, ensuring comprehensive and centralized support for event organization and management.

My role

At That’s The One, I led full-stack development initiatives, contributing significantly to the platform’s core functionalities. I spearheaded the development of key features, including the Floor Plan feature utilizing Canvas API and the creation of the Website Builder tool.

My responsibilities extended to collaborating on various aspects, leveraging my expertise in both front-end and back-end technologies to ensure seamless integration and functionality across the platform. I actively contributed to other critical features, harnessing my experience in comprehensive event management tools and employing a holistic approach to support planners and clients alike.


Typescript, React, Next.js, Prisma, Nest, GraphQL, React Query, Multilingual (i18n) and Styled-Component.

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